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Founded on November 29th, 2013, CH Biotech is a world-class R&D company in agricultural biotechnological products. The essential vitality of CH Biotech is to keep the innovation and uniqueness in R&D at the forefront of the world. Before CH Biotech’s chairman Chen-Pang Wu returned to Taiwan at the end of 2013 to start his own business again, he had already played a significant role in the US agricultural market. However, he often lamented that only a few of hundreds of best-selling agrochemicals in the global market were developed from scratch in Taiwan. In order to prove Taiwan’s capabilities…


At CH Biotech, we regulate plant genes with environment-friendly active ingredients (AI) to improve crop yields and quality. Our products developed by the abovementioned technique, such as plant growth regulators, growth stimulants, and high-performance fertilizers, are more efficient and effective and meet the new farming demand. Moreover, our strategic alliances with channel distributors allow us to sell innovative products in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile, to name just a few.









Press Release

October 27, 2023 CH Biotech’s Year of Success – The R&D of Sustainable and Innovative Agricultural Biotech Products Recognized Once Again Awarded “The 4th Taiwan Circular Economy Awards — Outstanding Award for Innovation Technology”

CH Biotech R&D Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CH Biotech,” stock code: 6534), the leading biotechnology manufacturer of new agricultural biotech products, has recently passed the TWSE’s approval for listing on the Taiwan Innovation Board, once again has good news to report. Its sustainable and innovative agricultural biotech product “Radiate” series of products have won awards for the fourth time this year. Last week (on the 27th), General Manager Huang Cho-Chun received “the 4th…..


2023.07.27 CH Biotech Develops Innovative Biotech Product Dedicated to Crop Physiology Improvements for Greater and More Sustainable Food Production to Extreme Weather
Radiate NEXT is the Winner of the "2023 Taiwan Bio Awards – Innovation of the Year"

CH Biotech has been focusing on growth of corporate sustainability and environment-friendly development, and has won many awards recently. CH Biotech created low-carbon agriculture with innovative agricultural biotechnology and new pharmaceuticals, and won the “Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award” (small and medium-sized enterprise group) at the 8th National Industrial Innovation Award (NIIA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)…..