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Greenhouse gas and energy management

With the goal of sustainable development, CH Biotech is committed to energy conservation, waste reduction, and resource reuse, thereby improving product quality and production efficiency, reducing operational risks, and creating a safe, healthy, and comfortable workplace and a friendly environment. We implement leading indicators and pre- maintenance in environment management, formulate standards that are stricter than what is stipulated in laws and regulations and manage them accordingly, implement energy conservation and carbon reduction measures, pursue green innovation in products, give priority to developing high-value and low-pollution products, and actively develop and promote microbial pesticides and fertilizers, and reduce the consumption of highly polluting raw materials.


To be aligned with the global net-zero carbon emissions trend to keep abreast of the carbon emission from corporate operations more effectively, we plan to launch the greenhouse gas inventory initiative in 2022, which is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the impact on the environment more effectively.

The Company is headquartered in the Chung Hsing Park at the Central Taiwan Science Park, which is as a research- oriented park with low environmental impact. As the headquarters do not engage in mass production and is mainly responsible for coordinating the Group’s business strategy, product design and development, and sales business, the amount of exhaust gas, wastewater, and business waste is small. In addition, we, in pursuit of sustainable development, continue to improve management, environment, safety, and energy conservation and are committed to environmental protection, energy conservation, carbon reduction, and planting, to reduce operating costs and environmental pollution, with the aim of providing all employees with a safe and comfortable work environment.

Environmental compliance

CH Biotech follows the government’s regulations, the guidance of the Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau and implements management related to environmental protection to reduce violations. In 2021, we received environmental inspection by the environmental protection bureau of the Nantou County, Changhua County and Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau and met relevant waste disposal regulations without any violations.

Investment in environmental protection

We are doing our best to maintain the environment. We have installed exhaust gas and wastewater treatment facilities. All waste is removed and transported in accordance with competent authorities’ standards, and we passed all the government’s environmental inspections. In 2021, we did not suffer losses (including damages), nor did we receive any penalty due to environmental pollution. The future countermeasures (including improvement measures), potential expenses (including the estimated amounts of potential losses), penalties, or compensation for failure to take countermeasures, and pollution prevention and control equipment are detailed as follows:

Environment management costs

The total environmental management cost in 2021 was approximately NT$1,133 thousand. The environmental protection expenses included waste and sewage treatment, equipment maintenance and business waste removal and transportation. The details are as follows:

Environmental Management and Policy

Greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gas emissions have accelerated global warming. As CH Biotech is a R&D-oriented company without sources of direct greenhouse gas emissions from boilers, we only counted the Scope 2 indirect greenhouse gas emissions (water and electricity). Based on the data for 2020 and 2021, the carbon emissions from water and electricity consumption decreased in both years. The water consumption decreased by 27.7% in 2021 compared with 2020 as we used recycled water for planting and irrigation in the plant. The electricity consumption in 2021 increased by 0.9% due to the significant increase in electricity consumption from the healing greenhouse cafe launched, but the increase was slight because of other energy-saving measures, including the replacement with energy-saving devices, addition of air- conditioning inverters, and changes in employees’ electricity consumption habits. We also phased out a company vehicle with high exhaust emissions: In July 2021, we phased out a company vehicle with high exhaust emissions and replaced it with a hybrid electric vehicle with low exhaust emissions, thereby reducing carbon emissions by 5.4 metric tons.

Energy management

Water resource management

In response to the impact of climate change on water resources, we have two rainwater recycling pools in place: one is around 530 tons for plant irrigation in the plant, while the other is about 450 tons for experimental irrigation in the plant’s greenhouse. In addition to recycling tap water and rainwater, we have obtained the right to use reclaimed water from the Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau to supply water officially. We use reclaimed water for plant irrigation to reduce the consumption of tap water. The amount of water used in the Nantou Plant in 2021 was 55,607 m3, a decrease of 29.7% from 2020.


The Changbin Plant, located in the Changbin Industrial Park, Xixiang, Changhua County, has only obtained the factory registration certificate with complete wastewater treatment facilities. As relevant product packaging operations have not yet been launched, it did not emit exhaust gas and discharge wastewater.


The subsidiary’s process only involves raw material dissolving, stirring, mixing and packaging without exhaust gas emitted. As for the wastewater, it holds a zero-discharge license issued by the city government and the source of wastewater is mainly boiler washing water that does not contain hazardous substances. The wastewater will be stored in buckets, about 10,000 gallons a year, for irrigation or natural evaporation.


Water resources data of CH Biotech’s Nantou Plant

Pollution source prevention and management

Water resource discharge

The Nantou Plant’s sewage is sent to the sewage treatment plant on the Zhongzheng Road through pipelines. Our sewage discharge in 2021 was 4,824.9 m3, a decrease of 39.4% compared with 2020. The Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau sends personnel to test the relevant sewage discharge data every month and out data is all in alignment with the relevant indicators stipulated by the laws and regulations.

Sewage testing standards

Entrust legal institutions to test wastewater quality every year to strictly control the quality of sewage and all the test results in 2021 met the discharge water quality standards stipulated by the law.

Waste management

We have formulated relevant management mechanisms for waste classification, collection, and treatment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations to properly dispose of waste. Our waste disposal is handled by external third parties. We seek a qualified waste removal and transportation company based on the information disclosed by the Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan, first (including basic information, such as license, status of operations, code for waste that can be removed/disposed of and the validity period of the license). After confirming that a company is qualified, we sign an agreement on for waste removal and transportation with it. We also dispatch personnel from time to time every year to go with the trucks to see if the company removes and transports waste in accordance with the regulations to ensure the smooth operation of waste removal and transportation. The waste therefrom in 2021 was 19.034 tons, a decrease of 28.8% compared with 2020.

The waste removal data is disclosed as follows: