2019.06.26 The International Coffee Sensory Forum will be held on July 18th and 19th

The 2019 Sensory Forum, an annual international coffee industry event, will be held at CH Biotech on 7/18 and 7/19. International coffee masters will share their valuable first-hand research experience and the number of seats in the forum. Limited time, please seize the opportunity to register early.



This sensory forum was moved to Taiwan for the first time. During the two-day course, we will deeply explore the sensory science behind the flavor wheel of the World Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), understand the relationship between coffee genetics and coffee provenance for flavor, and more Share the latest research essence of SCA and major coffee research institutions with students without hiding.

The conference will also reveal the mystery of the current popular cold brew coffee brewing sensory and coffee science, and discuss sensory perception from the perspective of neuroscience. Participants will have the opportunity to practice and communicate with coffee researchers, scientists and coffee researchers from all over the world. Face-to-face communication with experts is an event not to be missed by coffee lovers.



Registration area:https://www.taiwancoffee.org/SCA/

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