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CH Biotech has striven to establish a friendly workplace, create a safe, healthy, and positive work environment, and employs foreign employees to create a diverse workplace, while complying with labor laws, protecting employees’ rights and interests and encouraging employees to adopt diverse learning methods to learn and grow together.

Overview of human resources

CH Biotech provides competitive salaries, encourages and guides employees to improve their professional abilities and learn and grow and we are committed to establishing a happy and safe workplace to attract outstanding talents to stay. In 2021, the ratio of male employees to female counterparts was 59 to 52 and the percentage of women in managerial positions was 45% and that of male counterparts was 55%. This indicates that we duly implement gender equality in employees’ career development and there is no different treatment to employees due to their gender, age, religion, race, nationality, political affiliation and marital status. We provide a stable work environment and protection. New employees must be at least 16 years old in accordance with the Company’s personnel management regulations, so no children below 16 years old are employed.

In 2021, there were 29 new employees, excluding interns, accounting for 26.1% of all employees; 19 employees resigned, accounting for 17.1% of all employees. As per the data over the past three years, our employee turnover rate is stable as we manage talents based on the principle of placing people in the right positions and employing people based on their abilities from the perspective of talents’ long-term development and continuous improvement to the Company’s competitiveness, to make progress continuously.

Unpaid parental leave

CH Biotech is committed to creating a friendly workplace. In addition to providing cash gifts for childbirth and breastfeeding rooms, employees are entitled to maternity leave, paternity leave, family care leave and other leave rights according to the Act of Gender Equality in Employment and have the right to apply for unpaid parental leave when there is a need to take care of young children, to share employees’ burden of balancing work and childcare.

In 2021, a total of four employees were eligible for unpaid parental leave, of which one applied for unpaid parental leave, accounting for 25% of the eligible employees.

Remuneration management

We determine employees’ salary in accordance with the relevant labor laws and the market salary standards. To retain talents effectively and provide incentives and rewards, we have designed a salary system that is competitive and better than the industry standards. We determine employees’ salary based on their education and experience, professional knowledge and skills, length of professional experience and individual performance, regardless of their nationality, gender, race, religion, political affiliation and marital status.


Employees’ salary and benefits in 2021 increased by 19.26% compared with 2020. The percentage of eligible employees applying for childbirth subsidies under the childcare support program in 2021 reached 100%. We purchased insurance and group insurance policies for medical treatment and accidents for employees and provide employees with health checkup once every three years.

Pension system

We make a contribution to employees’ pension funds in accordance with the Labor Standards Act and the Labor Pension Act.

Human rights protection

CH Biotech recognizes and voluntarily complies with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the International Labor Organization and other internationally recognized human rights standards and honors the protections stipulated in human rights conventions.


The Company has formulated employee policies and related management measures in accordance with the Labor Standards Act, the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, and other regulations to protect employees’ rights and interests. The Company does not discriminate its employees by gender, age, religion, race, nationality, etc.


In addition, we comply with various employment and labor regulations, do not employ child labor or illegal labor and have implemented measures regarding sexual harassment prevention measures and relative punishment, addressed employees’ workplace sexual harassment complaints appropriately and established a safe and friendly work environment.


Up to now, the Group has never violated any labor or human rights laws and regulations, which resulted in serious penalties.

Career Development

The Company’s employee training plan is based on the Company’s operating policy. The plan provides multiple learning channels to encourage independent learning. Based on employee’s individual development plan and functional training for all levels of positions, the Company aims to have employees achieve professional knowledge and skills through internal or external professional trainings, so that all levels of the Company’s personnel can receive appropriate development and training.

CH Biotech has recruited many talents with doctoral and master’s degrees from famous universities at home and abroad to form a strong plant biotechnology research team. The members are from agriculture, biotechnology, and other fields with advanced R&D capabilities and creativity. The Company’s R&D personnel accounts for 50% of our all full-time employees. The number of professionals with doctoral and master’s degrees is as high as 71, accounting for 64% of the total employees. We actively recruit talents with a solid academic and industry foundation at home and abroad. Note: the number of employees is limited to those at CH Biotech, excluding the interns.


To be aligned with CH Biotech’s long-term development direction and improve the quality of personnel by training talents, the HR Department compiles each unit’s annual education and training needs into an annual training plan and sets training targets to improve employees’ professional skills and management capabilities, enhance their capabilities, morale, commitment and unleash their potential, to align the Company’s growth with their career development plan.

Total training amount

In 2021, the Company’s total revenue reached NT$1,018,505 thousand, and the total annual training cost was NT$688 thousand, accounting for 0.07% of the total revenue. CH Biotech provides the greatest support to employees through employee despite the impact of the pandemic.


In terms of education and training hours, our employees received an average of 23.3 hours of education and training in 2021, including 123 hours of training for managers and 2,468.5 hours for general employees.

Number of education and training hours

Employee care

CH Biotech regards employees as the Company’s most critical asset and is committed to providing a diverse work environment based on gender equality. We hope that employees will have improved salaries and professional abilities in a warm workplace, to strike a balance workplace and life. Therefore, we provide employees with a variety of benefits through the Company’s and the Employee Welfare Committee’s arrangements, so that each employee and their family members can be taken care of properly.


Although CH Biotech has not yet established a union to provide a platform to harmoniously discuss employee benefits and internal labor-management issues, we have an Employee Welfare Committee in place to handle various employee benefits and hold labor-management meetings on a regular basis in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.

The Smart Healing Greenhouse Cafe

The Smart Healing Greenhouse Cafe occasionally provides employees with freshly baked bread and a variety of desserts in the cafe, allowing employees to temporarily relax in the greenhouse cafe after lunch and taste the baked goods launched in response to different festivals and themes. This also allows employees to better understand the bakery industry and the diverse styles of baked goods and improve their taste in baked goods.

Employee complaint channels

We have formulated the Workplace Sexual Harassment Preventive Measures and Complaint and Punishment Regulations and set up a complaint hotline.

Workplace Safety

Occupational safety and health management mechanism and responsibilities

To effectively prevent occupational accidents and promote employees’ safety and health, we have formulated an occupational safety and health management plan as the annual safety and health management guidelines with the responsibilities for management, giving instructions and supervision for managers at all levels defined.


At present, as for the discussion on the working conditions under at the quarterly labor-management meeting, the labor representatives put forth suggestions about the safety and health policies formulated by the employer and reviewed coordinated, and provided advice about the work safety regulations for employees, COVID-19 pandemic prevention measures, and contractors’ work safety requirements. The Management Department then took over the responsibility for formulating, planning, supervising, and implementing safety and health management matters and guided relevant departments to implement relevant tasks accordingly.

Identification, assessment and control of work environment or operational hazards

To increase the awareness and attention of personnel at all levels to safety and health, we have conducted hazard identification and risk assessment since 2021 for critical operations or tasks with high potential hazards and appointed external institutions to offer education and training. We plan to complete the assessment work in 2022 and proceed to establish an ISO 45001:2018 system to continuously achieve the goal of zero occupational accident.


We continue to identify hazards, assess risks and implement necessary control methods, to control risks to an acceptable level of risk.


We strengthen the management of emergency treatment, follow-up investigation and analysis methods for occupational accidents, false alarms and events affecting physical and psychological health for employees or contractors, to reduce losses from accidents and prevent similar accidents from happening again.


Employees are the Company’s most important assets. To ensure employees’ exercise of the “right to refuse work” when they encounter danger, we particularly emphasize to them during new employees’ safety and health training that as per Article 18 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, when employees encounter immediate danger, they, without jeopardizing other workers’ safety, may stop working and retreat to a safe place directly, while immediately reporting to their immediate supervisor, and the employer shall not dismiss, transfer, refuse to pay wages for the period in which work is halted, or take other unfavorable measures to workers.

Health checkups, management and promotion

To protect employees’ health and safety, understand their health condition, prevent occupational injuries and diseases and effectively keep abreast of their health, we provide general health checkups and special health checkups in accordance with the law.

I. CH Biotech’s general health checkup is better than what is required by law as we provide employees under the age of 65 with health checkup once every three years (the percentage of employee having health checkup in 2021 was 89.2%).
II. Those who engage in operations with particular hazards to health have special health checkups every year according to law (eight employees had special health checkups in 2021).


To prevent any potential accident and alleviate and reduce any potential hazards, we have appointed two first aid personnel according to law. In addition, we purchased automated external defibrillators (AED) in 2021 (one AED & CPR first aid training session was held in 2021 with 26 participants). Only with healthy employees will the Company stay highly competitive. To address important issues, such as workplace health and safety and labor health, we invite occupational medicine specialists three times a year and nurses three times a month to the plant to offer health education on cardiovascular diseases, provide health hazard assessment and consultation services and analyze and evaluate health checkup results. We have held awareness-raising events on maternity protection, ergonomic hazards, illegal harms, and abnormal workload. Moreover, we held two sessions of labor health seminars entitled “Diet for Weight Control” in August 2021 to establish employees’ correct diet concept. (There were 39 interviews with occupational nurses and 86 group health education sessions held in 2021).


To promote the Company’s exercise atmosphere, we have installed fitness facilities, including table tennis tables and automatic ball machines, in the courtyard for employees to use in their spare time to improve their health and relieve their work pressure. In addition, we have set up fitness clubs, such as “the Light Fitness Club”, in which members motivate each other to exercise and complete muscle strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular function training, to improve their own physical health and enhance their teamwork.

To keep abreast of and evaluate employees’ exposure to hazards in the work environment, we have formulated a work environment monitoring program based on the Labor Work Environment Monitoring Implementation Regulations and monitor the work environment every six months, to gradually understand workers’ exposure at various types of jobs by adopting an effective sampling strategy year by year to ensure that they are not exposed to various hazards.

Safety and health education and training

CH Biotech offers safety and health education and training in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules and plans to enable employees to understand the patterns of unsafe behavior and unsafe equipment at various jobs to achieve the goal of zero accident.


New employees need to complete the general safety and health training before the first day of work or within two days before the change of job. The content includes an overview of company safety and health status, job-related safety and health management introduction, fire safety measures and first aid knowledge and introduction to escape routes and emergency response.


In-service personnel need to receive general safety and health training or special safety and health education and training depending on their job category and department. Particularly for the personnel in the R&D Department who may be exposed to chemicals, professionals offer education and training on the safety of the operations involving organic solvents, specific chemical substances, and toxic chemicals to enhance their concept of safe operation. As such, we achieved the goal of zero occupational accidents in 2021.

Work safety education and training for contractors

As per the “Technical Guidelines for Contracting Management”, we offer work safety education and training to contractors to reduce work safety accidents during construction. The contents include sub-contracting and contract signing, daily communication and coordination before and during construction, on-site management, management during construction, supervision of safety and health performance, case closure and record management. Also, each contractor needs to sign a safety contract to clearly stipulate the relevant safety and health regulations and ensure the safety of construction operations. (In 2021, there were 260 work safety education and training sessions with 910 participants.)

Emergency response

As per the Technical Guidelines on Emergency Response Measures, we hold Fire Rescue and Emergency Response Exercises every year, to enable employees to stay calm and respond quickly when an accident occurs through daily exercises, thereby effectively reducing losses from accidents and protecting the safety of life and property.

Emergency response exercises in 2021

Investigation into occupational accidents and data analysis

Occupational accidents will threaten workers’ life and safety and enterprises often suffer financial losses due to occupational accidents (including compensation for victims, loss of facilities and expenses for maintaining harmony with the neighborhood) and the amount of these losses will add to the costs borne by the Company.


Based on the premise of “safety first and priceless life”, the Company requires all units to implement hazard identification and proper self-management, to reduce occupational hazards, promote safety and health in the workplace, and maintain workers’ safety and health.


The Company’s occupational safety personnel perform daily inspections of the plant and audit employees’ work environment, safety protection measures, and the safety of contracted operations, while inspecting whether there are any abnormality and whether personnel comply with relevant safety and health regulations and the on-site 6S principles (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain, and safety), correcting any non-compliance immediately, and raising people’s awareness of relevant regulations to ensure all workers’ safety in the plant.


According to the Company’s data in 2021, we have achieved the zero-accident goal. We will continue to strengthen the management of employees’ or contractors’ work safety maintenance and their emergency response to occupational accidents and follow-up investigation methods, to prevent accidents and reduce losses in the event of an accident.

Occupational injuries and absences in 2021