2019.12.24 CH Biotech and Chi Nan Univ. Sign Industry–Academia Collaboration MOU for Precision Agriculture

CH Biotech (TWSE: 6534) today signed an industry and academia collaboration memorandum of understanding (MOU) with National Chi Nan University (NCNU). The parties seek to work together on multiple fronts, including precision agriculture, academic conferences, and seminars.

The MOU was signed by Chen-pang Wu, chairman of CH Biotech, and Yuh-long Su, president of NCNU. More than 20 administrators and professors of the university attended the signing ceremony.

Mr. Wu noted that CH Biotech launched the Precision Agriculture Alliance together with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan Fertilizer, Known-You Seed, and Tien Heng Machinery in early November 2019. The alliance has set its sights on the high end of the agriculture market by drawing on each member’s specialties, such as variety selection and breeding, crop growth regulation and nutrition, cultivation management, and greenhouse design and construction. They aim to grow exponentially the value of crops per unit area.

High-end crops will first be grown in a trial in a domestication greenhouse, an area of just over 66 square meters, inside CH Biotech’s Global R&D Center. The area will gradually be greatly expanded, depending on the objectives of the development phases. The NCNU will play an important role in helping the alliance achieve this objective. One MOU item is that the university will build several greenhouses, each covering an area of over 660 square meters. Alliance members will then be better equipped to find the best solutions in precision agriculture.

CH Biotech and the NCNU will also work together in other areas, including the following.

1. Precision agriculture and smart agriculture: establishing a self-controlled greenhouse and support facilities.

2. Organization management: management of human resources, R&D, and administration.

3. Information management: monitoring, analytics software development, and big data analysis.

4. Coffee forums: co-hosting or supporting coffee forums or seminars.

NCNU president Su has high hopes for the collaboration. “Our collaboration will start with the Department of Applied Chemistry on the research of agriculture technology,” he said. “This will allow lecturers to better demonstrate the practical applications of agriculture technology, or agritech, and students to develop the skills required by the agricultural biotechnology industry.

“Also, our Department of Tourism, Leisure, and Hospitality Management have set up coffee-related courses that help develop coffee processing techniques. This has been done jointly with CH Biotech. We are looking to provide opportunities for students to get involved in the agriculture industry.”

He added, “Looking ahead, our university will actively team up with local biotech companies such as CH Biotech by providing management talents and land resources. Today marks a great start for our university to play a part in the industry chain. I look forward to a successful collaboration!”

Since its founding more than six years ago, CH Biotech has been committed to cultivating collaboration opportunities. In early 2018 it signed an industry–academia collaboration MOU with the College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University. Since then, it has worked with a range of research and academic institutions, including Academia Sinica and several universities, in the fields of technology cooperation, efficacy validation, contractual research, and internship. By bridging the gap between academia and industry and by aligning Taiwan’s R&D strengths with the global market, CH Biotech hopes to assist Taiwan’s contribution to the global agritech industry.

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