2022.11.11 Realizing sustainable development, pursuing circular economy – CH Biotech invests in Academy of Circular Economy of National Chung Hsing University with an 8-year investment program, with NT$ 25 million per year

Chairman of CH Biotech R&D Co., Ltd., Chen-Pang Wu (right) received a plaque for donating funds to promote education from President of National Chung Hsing University, Fuh-Sheng Shieu (left) at the 2022 school anniversary.


As the world pays value to sustainable development issues, the significance of the circular economy speaks for itself. In contrast with the linear economy, the circular economy adopts more eco-friendly approaches to help enterprise co-exist with the environment while reducing the production cost, and thereby achieving sustainable operation. Being a major figure in Taiwan’s agricultural biotechnology industry, CH Biotech has kept an eye on circular-economy related issues. This time, CH Biotech was invited to invest in Academy of Circular Economy of National Chung Hsing University. After the Board approved the 8-year (2022-2019) investment program, CH Biotech started the program with NT$ 25 million per year and in total NT$ 200 million. Through the investment, CH Biotech anticipates cultivating talents in the agricultural biotechnology field for relevant R&D and innovation in Taiwan, highlighting Taiwan’s performance in the related area.




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