2023.05.03 CH Biotech received the 19th Global Views ESG Sustainable Award – Outstanding Project with “Quenching the Thirst of Drought in Agriculture – A New Solution for Crop Water Conservation and Fertilizer Saving”

CH Biotech’s President Cho-Chun Huang (Right) received the Award from Global Views Publisher Wang, Li-Xing (Left).

CH Biotech (Stock code: 6534), the global agricultural pharmaceutical supplier, has long-devoted to the development of sustainable agriculture and environmental friendliness. This time, it’s the project “Quenching the Thirst of Drought in Agriculture – A New Solution for Crop Water Conservation and Fertilizer Saving” using the product “Radiate NEXT” received the 19th Global Views ESG Sustainable Award – Outstanding Project in the Environmental Friendliness Group SMEs Special Award. According to CH Biotech, helping Taiwan and the globe use healthier and more sustainable methods to plant crops while building an environmentally friendly virtuous cycle is practical to the corporate social responsibility.
CH Biotech, being the leader of agricultural biotech new pharmaceuticals, is dedicated to the sustainable agriculture development. The Company’s products, whether for field crops, such as soybeans, corn, wheat, or cash products, such as fruit trees or ornamental plants, rely heavily on “healthy soil”. Hence, CH Biotech is fully aware of the importance of environmental protection. In recent years, extreme climate has led to agricultural loss, affecting the overall food supply chain. In 2021, Taiwan, suffering from severe drought, facing the water shortage crisis. The agriculture bore the brunt to implement irrigation water recession for nearly a year, incurring at least NT$ 500 million agricultural loss. Moreover, the UN’s Green New Deal proposed a goal of reducing 50% in pesticide use and 20% in fertilizer use in 2030. How to maintain the yield while reaching the goal and reducing carbon concurrently is an issue to be resolved for the world’s agriculture.
CH Biotech’s professional R&D team conducted precise development, using the RNA database to analyze crops, screened and tested repeatedly to confirm the effects of formulations. Eventually, through field trials and feedback conducted in target markets North America and Central America, CH Biotech developed sustainable and highly efficient plant growth regulator new product Radiate Next. Radiate Next, different from fertilizer product, regulates huge amount using trace amount to stimulate the activity of enzyme inside plants, thereby adjusting functionality for plants to absorb soil nutrient rapidly while enhancing fertilizer use efficiency. By doing so, farmers’ agricultural loss during drought is reduced and their crop production volume is maintained with reduced fertilizer use. At the first year upon the product being marketed, an estimation of 2,100 to 16,800-ton carbon emissions generated from using nitrogen fertilizer will have been reduced, comparable to the amount of GHGs absorbed by 5 to 43 Daan Forest Park throughout a year. Radiate Next will reach the goal of tripartite win among yield increase, corporate profitability and agricultural sustainable production.
CH Biotech received the 19th Global Views ESG Sustainable Award in the Environmental Friendliness Group this time as it realized environmental ecological conservation through actions like playing the role of a good citizen of the Planet, caring about overall external environment, valuing natural ecological system, practicing conservation activities and values, maintaining biodiversity, developing sustainable agriculture and promoting climate risk awareness. The judge of the award indicated that what CH Biotech is doing is the “adaptation” to climate change, that is, via the strategy of R&D in Taiwan and sales to North America, the Taiwan value is expanded, which is a point worth rewarding.
CH Biotech’s President Cho-Chun Huang was proud of receiving the award on behalf of the Company, “Being a member of agricultural pharmaceutical supplier, CH Biotech anticipates bringing positive influence on Taiwan’s agricultural biotech industry. In the future, the Company will continue investing resources to conduct life cycle assessment, launch sustainable standard valuation system and to real-time monitor and measure crop production carbon emission data, doing its best to conduct R&D by integrating resources from the industry, government and academia, thereby helping Taiwan’s agriculture to reach the goal of carbon reduction”.




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