2022.12.03 CH Biotech was awarded the 19th National Innovation Award in the Agricultural and Food Biotechnology Category.

Dr. Ching-Chi Tsai, a researcher of CH Biotech R&D Co., Ltd., (right) received the National Innovation Award from the president of Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry (IBMI), Dr. Chi-Huey Wong (left).


The 19th National Innovation Award 2022 ceremony was held on December 3, 2022, to commend the flagship companies or research institutes for their R&D innovation, breakthroughs in challenges, and market expansion strategies for the future. This award is indicative of the best innovation performance in the biomedicine and other fields in Taiwan. CH Biotech R&D Co., LTD. won the National Innovation Award in the Agricultural and Food Biotechnology Category with the plant growth regulator product “Radiate NEXT”.
Radiate NEXT (https://radiateproducts.ag/)is an innovative product of foliar-applied plant growth regulator, which contains four key active ingredients. This product enables plants to generate more energy and efficiently convert the energy into the development of root and shoot systems. Radiate NEXT also can improve nutrient and water uptake in crops, and thereby ensure the quality and yield of grain and fruit. With Radiate NEXT, the growers can get products with better competitiveness and greater competitive advantage in the market. Radiate NEXT can meet the demands for the environmental friendly policies that are tending to sustainability and circularity in agriculture, energy conservation, and reduction in carbon emission. Moreover, Radiate NEXT would be also helpful in the stability of global food supply chain and the progress of world agriculture.




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