2023.05.15 CH Biotech continues innovation for low-carbon agriculture and was awarded the “National Industrial Innovation Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs”

CH Biotech’s General Manager Cho-Chun Huang (Right) received the award from the Vice President of the Executive Yuan, Wen-Tsan Cheng (Left).


CH Biotech R&D Co., Ltd. (stock code: 6534) integrates and innovates agricultural biotechnology, is committed to promoting new agriculture and circular economy policies, and is recognized for its compliance with the government’s Five Plus Two Industry Innovation Plan.
CH Biotech recently announced the operating results for the first quarter of 2023: cumulative revenue in the first quarter was NT$ 801 million, operating profit was NT$ 484 million, and net profit after tax was NT$ 393 million; after-tax earnings per share (EPS) was NT$ 4.05, and the profit reached new high in a single quarter.
CH Biotech has been focusing on growth of corporate sustainability and environment-friendly development, and has won many awards recently. CH Biotech created low-carbon agriculture with innovative agricultural biotechnology and new pharmaceuticals, and won the “Outstanding Enterprise Innovation Award” (small and medium-sized enterprise group) at the 8th National Industrial Innovation Award (NIIA) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA). CH Biotech’s General Manager Cho-Chun Huang received the award from Wen-Tsan Cheng, Vice President of the Executive Yuan. Cho-Chun Huang said“Being a member of Taiwan’s agricultural biotechnology industry, CH Biotech’s products must rely on “healthy soil” whether they are applied to field crops or high-value crops”. CH Biotech will continue to develop and create agricultural biotech new pharmaceuticals of low-carbon and high-efficiency, and do the best to protect the environment.
NIIA takes “innovation” as the main axis, and is the highest honor award in the industry positioned by the government. It encourages the industry to break away from the technology-based thinking mode and focus on the value-added benefits created by humanities, technology, and service energy. Adhering to the sustainable strategy of being friendly to the environment, energy saving and net emission, CH Biotech continues to develop new pharmaceutical products that adapt to agricultural trends such as climate change and carbon reduction, and researches, and develops efficient, precise, and low-carbon plant growth regulators and fertilizers that meet the needs of modern agricultural production. CH Biotech stood out from the 303 competition cases in various fields, and is the only winner as an agricultural biotech enterprise in the field of biomedical materials in this year.
High-quality agricultural and biotech talents from Taiwan gather at CH Biotech to independently develop the core technology “precise new pharmaceuticals development strategy” combined with genomic biotechnology, accurate analysis of the active ingredients, and functions of new agricultural biotech pharmaceuticals, and “systematic full-functional verification platform”. This strategy can shorten the research and development time for product commercialization. CH Biotech has obtained 12 registration certificates of plant growth regulators from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) so far, ranking among the top three in the US market. In the past three years, CH Biotech has been more actively involved in research and development and innovation, and has obtained 16 product registration certificates. It is now the exclusive supplier of choline chloride protoforms to the US EPA.
In response to the global consensus on reducing the use of fertilizers and pesticides, CH Biotech continues to launch new products to solve agricultural production problems, helps agricultural farming for energy saving and carbon reduction, and ensures high-quality and high-yield crop production. CH Biotech’s products “Radiate” and “Radiate NEXT” reduce carbon emissions in agricultural production, “Onward” helps crops to sequester carbon, and “Endurance” protects crop production in extreme climates, which achieve the goal of increasing food production and high quality. Among them, the products “Radiate” and “Radiate NEXT” are carbon reduction products recommended and included in the “Carbon program” plan by the leading retailer Nutrien in the global agricultural market. In the Program, farmers can obtain incentives from Nutrien, when they use carbon reduction products and change farming practices to increase crop nutrient use efficiency and increase yield. Use of the carbon reduction products can also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase the effect of soil carbon sequestration and create higher income for famers.
Looking forward to the future, CH Biotech invested NT$ 2 billion to establish a corporate headquarters and a world-class R&D center in Nantou in 2018, creating the most complete plant research center in Taiwan, in line with the trend of sustainable environment, and fulfilling the responsibility of global citizens. With the important development goal of enhancing international competitiveness and fulfilling social responsibility ESG performance, we will continue to invest resources to promote the development of new agriculture and circular economy, and reduce carbon emissions from crop production. At the same time, we support National Chung Hsing University in establishing the Academy of Circular Economy, aiming to provide an industrialization incubation platform for Taiwanese academia and jointly create a low-carbon agricultural sustainable environment.




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