October 27, 2023 CH Biotech’s Year of Success – The R&D of Sustainable and Innovative Agricultural Biotech Products Recognized Once Again Awarded “The 4th Taiwan Circular Economy Awards — Outstanding Award for Innovation Technology”

CH Biotech is awarded “The 4th Taiwan Circular Economy Awards — Outstanding Award for Innovation Technology”

CH Biotech’s President Cho-Chun Huang (right) received the award from the chief secretary of Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chih-Ching Yang.


CH Biotech R&D Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CH Biotech,” stock code: 6534), the leading biotechnology manufacturer of new agricultural biotech products, has recently passed the TWSE’s approval for listing on the Taiwan Innovation Board, once again has good news to report. Its sustainable and innovative agricultural biotech product “Radiate” series of products have won awards for the fourth time this year. Last week (on the 27th), General Manager Huang Cho-Chun received “the 4th Taiwan Circular Economy Awards : Outstanding Award for Innovation Technological ” on behalf of the Company. This year, CH Biotech has not only won awards four times, but also passed the listing review of the TWSC’s board of directors on October 17th, becoming the first agricultural biotech company to be listed on the Taiwan Innovation Board. This is a positive affirmation for CH Biotech, which has long been committed to the R&D of new, innovative and sustainable agricultural biotech chemicals.


CH Biotech is one of a few biotech products companies in Taiwan’s agriculture sector. Through independent innovation of core key technologies, it has developed high-efficiency, precision, and low-carbon plant growth regulators and fertilizer products that meet the needs of modern agricultural production, and distributed in the global agricultural market. Since its establishment in 2013, CH Biotech has been profitable every year with an average gross margin of over 80%. Last year (2022), CH Biotech achieved a consolidated annual revenue of 1.434 billion TWD, with an annual growth rate of 40.81%, and a net profit of 465 million TWD for the same period, setting a new historical high; the EPS of 4.79 TWD was the highest in the past five years. This year (2023), in the first half of the year, the revenue reached 1.26 billion TWD, and the EPS was 6.0 TWD, not only outperforming the entire previous year but also setting a new historical record.


In recent years, climate change has led to frequent disasters, brewing a food crisis; coupled with the global policy to halve chemical fertilizers, this has deepened the dilemma of reduced crop production for farmers. Therefore, CH Biotech has invested in the R&D of the new, innovative and sustainable agricultural biotech product “Radiate,” which has been successfully licensed to Loveland Product Inc. (LPI), the subsidiary of Nutrien Ltd., which is the world’s largest agricultural resource product channel merchant. “Radiate” has been recognized by the Nutrien Ltd. as a sustainable carbon reduction product and has now become one of the solutions promoted ardently in the carbon program.


The main technology of “Radiate” lies in (1) enhancing the climate resilience of plants, reducing agricultural losses due to climate change, (2) promoting the development of crop root systems, improving water and fertilizer use efficiency, and (3) lowering carbon emissions from agricultural production, creating a net-zero and eco-friendly agriculture. Scientific data show that “Radiate” provides a diverse range of functions for plant growth and development, which include enhancing the plant’s absorption and transport of water and nutrients, improving photosynthesis and nitrogen assimilation capacity, promoting the development of the aboveground parts, and establishing a systematic cycle for increased crop production, along with drought resistance. In addition, “Radiate” has the potential to reduce carbon emissions during agricultural production. CH Biotech conducted a carbon reduction benefit assessment based on last year’s “Radiate” sales volume of 186.5 thousand gallons, which was estimated to be applicable to approximately 11.936 million acres (4.83 million hectares) of land, and reduce approximately 127.4 thousand metric tons of CO2. Let’s say Taipei Da’an Forest Park, which covers nearly 26 hectares, absorbs 389 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Then the carbon reduction potential of “Radiate” in 2022 was approximately equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of nearly 327 Da’an Forest Parks.


Huang Cho-Chun stated that in recent years, global warming has led to an increased occurrence of excessive UV, cold damage, droughts, and heavy rains, resulting in annual agricultural losses of tens of billions of US dollars. Coupled with frequent wars, food issues have become a major global concern. In addition to actively developing new varieties of crops, advanced countries are also urgently considering how to reduce the damage of traditional pesticides and chemical fertilizers to the soil, lower carbon emissions, and increase farming efficiency. Looking ahead, CH Biotech maintains a cautious yet optimistic view and continues to focus on the development of agricultural biotechnology. With the current trends, we can safely expect a stable and sustained growth in future operations.


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