Think Local Act Global

Arts and cultural activities and local sharing sessions

CH Biotech connects internal employees with external groups through various charitable activities and donations, to direct more people’s attention to public welfare and motivate them to be dedicated to it.

Egret Foundation

CH Biotech continues to promote the concept of “branding in Taiwan” by donating NT$2 million in 2021 to promote the development of local arts, culture, and education and has made donations to the Egret Foundation for two consecutive years, while inviting experts and scholars for relevant arts and cultural seminars at CH Biotech, to carry forward and pass on the local art and culture.

Local coffee farmers sharing sessions

CH Biotech’s Flavor Substance Research Center also works with local coffee farmers in Taiwan to help improve coffee farms’ planting process in scientific methods. After the coffee beans are harvested, we perform cupping tests in the most rigorous manner to analyze the quality and grade of coffee beans, to comprehensively improve the quality of coffee beans from upstream to downstream.


This year, we even invited outstanding coffee manor owners are invited to share their planting experience from field management to post-processing with coffee farmers from all over the world and discuss the importance of each stage of the planting process with farmers. CH Biotech’s researchers summarized the notes of coffee growth management based on the survey of manors at both high and low altitudes, including fertilizer management and pruning skills and included manor owners’ management key points, to share the most complete coffee cultivation experience with coffee farmers. Through various sharing sessions, we can achieve the Flavor Substance Research Center’s core spirit of “connecting Taiwan’s coffee industry with the world,” to strengthen Taiwan’ s coffee industry chain, pass on new knowledge of coffee, assist farmers in improving field management in a scientific method and comprehensively improve Taiwan’s coffee industry.

Sponsored the training for Taiwan’s participating teams to participate in the
2022 Coupe Louise Lesaffre

To jointly enhance the status of Taiwan’s bakery industry in the world, we sponsored Taiwan’s participating teams to participate in the 2022 Coupe Louise Lesaffre in the amount of NT$200,000, in the hope that Taiwan’s bakery industry will stand out on the world stage.

Celebration of Christmas with the community

To celebrate Christmas, CH Biotech was in full swing to make a variety of interactive large installations, lighting decorations, and LED Christmas trees and invited all employees and the community residents to participate in the celebration together to spread love and happiness. On Christmas day, as the temperature dropped sharply, we prepared hot coffee for visitors to make them feel warm and delighted, and they said, “CH Biotech’s Christmas party is festive and jolly. It is great to take beautiful photos and have a cup of hot coffee here. Not only our body but our heart feels warm.”

Social care

CH Biotech’s support for pineapples

Pineapples are popular in Taiwan. They are harvested from February through July and August every year. However, when the season just began in 2021, our country’s pineapples were banned by China for import, which greatly affected the export of Taiwan’s pineapples, causing great losses to Taiwan’s farmers. CH Biotech supported domestic pineapples and pineapple farmers with practical actions by responding to a campaign entitled “Eat Pineapples and Support Farmers with Practical Actions” launched by the Agricultural Technology Research Institute, and we purchased 1,200 kilograms of pineapples and gave them out to our employees.

Anti-pandemic coffee

Since 2020, countries around the world have faced social and economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, natural disasters due to extreme climate have accentuated the threat and impact of climate change on human beings. The importance of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects has gradually become a major issue in the international community. As a responsible corporate citizen, CH Biotech is committed to developing products in response to climate change and to mitigate climate impact, to protect the global environment in which we live together.


Adhering to the sustainable business philosophy of “giving what we have taken from society back to society,” “coexisting with the environment” and “co-prosperity with the society,” to thank the front-line medical staff, police and firefighters for their hard work and anti-pandemic efforts during the pandemic, we donated nearly 3,000 anti-pandemic coffee sachets to Puli Christian Hospital, Nantou Hospital, Puli Branch, Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Zhushan Show Chwan Hospital, Nantou County Government Fire Station, and the Nantou Police Precinct and the Chunghsing Police Precinct of the Nantou County Police Bureau. We hope that the coffee would warm their hearts and in turn motivate the public to take action to support the medical staff, police and firefighters and duly implement the anti-pandemic measures, thereby reducing their burden.