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CH BiotechChairman Chen-Pang Wu

Before returning to Taiwan to start a new business at the end of 2013, Chairman Wu had secured a place in the U.S. agricultural market. However, he often felt frustrated that, out of hundreds of best-selling products in the agricultural chemical market worldwide, only very few of them were developed by Taiwanese companies. To prove that “Taiwanese Can Do It,” and to rapidly satisfy the market demand and effectively control the product development progress, CH Biotech has built up its own Plant System R&D Center to an international level since its establishment. From the advanced laboratory in Zhangbin Industrial Park to the Global R&D Center in Chung Hsing Park, Central Taiwan Science Park, in 2018, CH Biotech has constantly been making investments in upgrading its software and hardware infrastructure, aiming to develop new formulas that are beneficial for global agricultural production, and, in turn, improving the international status of Taiwan in the field of agricultural biotechnology.
At present, the R&D team of CH Biotech comprises dozens of doctors and masters possessing international perspectives. Supplemented by systematic R&D procedures, we introduced an operating model verified as successful in the U.S. market to allow the operating performance of CH Biotech to achieve new heights every year.
The agricultural industry has a long development history, and the market is in a stable and mature period. However, the global agricultural industry faces new problems, which is due to the abnormal weather caused by global warming in recent years, a continual increase in food demand arising from the growth of the earth’s population, the attention paid to food quality by the emerging middle class, and enhanced requirements for environmental protection. However, this also brings new opportunities to the industry. On the one hand, the U.S., China, EU, and major countries have established a target of reducing the use of pesticides on a yearly basis; on the other hand, increased quality and output of food crops are required. As such, the market generates high demand for technologies and solutions according to the new generation of “precision agriculture.”
CH Biotech aims at the huge market of world agriculture for business opportunities and demands. We have created innovative core technologies and developed plant growth regulators and fertilizers of high effectiveness, precision, and low carbon which satisfy the production requirements of modern agriculture. For products developed by CH Biotech, we cooperate with distributors by adopting an innovative business model, “asymmetric vertical strategical alliance,” together with an exclusive sales model. Leveraging on the strategic layout of “Taiwan R&D, U.S. Manufacturing, and Worldwide Marketing,” we generate sales in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and other countries, and concurrently enjoy high profits arising from the new R&D models.
Locally, CH Biotech wishes to manifest positive effects on the agricultural biotechnology industry in Taiwan, to join forces with the public to allow Taiwan to become a new stronghold to transform global agriculture. “Root in Taiwan, Perform Worldwide” is our motto and mission.