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At CH Biotech, we take it upon ourselves to address two major agricultural challenges affecting the quantity and quality of crops today.

First, the public demand for higher food safety standards and lower environmental pollution is greater than ever. The agrochemical industry plays a key role here as their fertilizers, pesticides, plant growth regulators, biostimulants, and other products often determine the quantity and quality of food and cash crops.It is therefore increasingly important to find innovative ways to reduce the consumption of agrochemicals while boosting their efficacy.

The second challenge is the efficacy stability of agrochemicals and the safety of crops as climate change is leading to more and more extreme weather events. This makes it more urgent than before to improve and innovate agrochemicals through modern biotechnology.

  • Our global research center consists of Foundation Labs and Solution Labs:

Foundation Labs

We stand ready to make a difference by drawing on our R&D strength.By utilizing genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, phenomics, and other technologies, Foundation Labs assess key issues that appear during the agricultural production process, analyze biological mechanisms at play behind the issues, and propose solutions.

Solution Labs

Solution Labs, on the other hand, are focused on morphology control, growth and development management, production management, flavor ingredients, ornamental value, biological interaction, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and production engineering. They are tasked with testing the validity and feasibility of the proposed solutions; identify the best technology options and the product roadmap; and carry out field efficacy trials, product registration, and production process standardization.

In our global research center, labs compliant with OECD GLP produce analysis and research data that are recognized by international registration agencies. Once registered, the relevant information can be used for product registration in the country of production and the country of sale.


At CH Biotech, our global research center is committed to innovating agricultural biotech products, providing internationally-certified lab data, and improving the production and quality of crops around the world.