Core Innovative Technology
Think Local Act Global

Core Technology 2:
Full Functional Verification

  • The R&D platform systematically verifies the efficacy of the formula and shortens the R&D time for product commercialization.

The systematic R&D platform of CH Biotech collects data and feedback simultaneously in multiple and rapid ways, which can screen a large number of candidate formulations and make improvements in a short period of time, shortening the time for commercialization.


For new active ingredients or new combinations of active ingredients and new dosage forms predicted by genome technology, chemical testing and analysis are firstly carried out in the early stage of development to confirm the content of active ingredients and formula stability, and then to verify different levels of product efficacy such as gene expression, biochemical metabolism, physiological state, cell development, growth phenotype, etc., and feedback and improvement of formula based on experimental results.


The CH Biotech has established a fully-equipped global R&D center in Chung Hsing Park, Nantou, Taiwan. The center consists of “Foundation Labs”, “Solution Labs” and “GLP Lab”. Carry out test data collection and feedback correction, integrate multi-faceted data, improve candidate products in a timely manner, and shorten commercialization time.