Think Local Act Global


  • The Company implements a “health examination for general employees” every three-years. All current employees may participate in the exam (regardless of age), which is more favorable than the regulatory requirements. Also, according to requirements and the content of operations, we require current employees to uniformly visit a qualified hospital that participates in the health insurance program for special health exams.
  • There are sports facilities (i.e., table tennis tables) in our plants to encourage employees to exercise.
  • There are stationed doctors and nurse practitioners in place to provide medical service consultations.


  • Labor insurance/health insurance
  • Retirement pension appropriation
  • Group insurance


  • Club activities
  • Gift money or gifts (vouchers) for Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Year-end dinner and prize drawing lots
  • Year-end bonus (subject to the earnings of the Company)
  • Employees’ bonuses (subject to the earnings of the Company)
  • Employee’s discount price for purchasing products from affiliates
  • Discounts from merchants


  • Annual leave, marital leave, bereavement leave, official leave, occupational sickness leave, paternity leave, maternity leave, sick leave, menstruation leave, personal leave, family care leave, anti-pandemic leave

Family Care/Continuing Education

  • Additional group insurance for family members of employees at own expenses
  • Consolation money for funerals
  • Gift money for marriage
  • Maternity gift money
  • Subsidies for continuing education and training expenses for employees
  • System of nursery leave without pay

Convenient facilities and systems

  • Employee cafeteria/employee dormitory/employee locker room
  • Subsidies for meal missing allowance
  • Employee uniforms
  • Library
  • Free automobile parking lots
  • Nursery rooms, shower
  • Soothing greenhouse cafe