About Us
Think Local Act Global

Innovative Business Model

The Company adopts innovative business models, including the “Asymmetric Vertical Strategic Alliance,” together with the exclusive sales model, to maximize profits in cooperation with distributors. The strategic layout of “R&D in Taiwan, Made in U.S., and Global Marketing” guarantees advantages from stages of R&D to sales. We also established the global drug permit license registration channel, and developed diverse markets.

R&D in Taiwan

R&D and keeping roots in Taiwan: Utilize the abundant research talent and resources in Taiwan to match with the Company’s R&D system and precisely develop new products.
R&D accounts for the largest portion of profit distribution in technology products. CH Biotech sets its R&D base in Taiwan and utilizes the abundant research talent and resources in Taiwan, representing CH Biotech’s determination to root in Taiwan and spread its operations worldwide.

Made in U.S.

Made in U.S. to improve profit margins: Enjoy the competitive strength for the production cost of agricultural and chemical products and ensure rapid supply to satisfy the demand of the target market and crop planting seasons.
The major market of our company is North America. With CH Biotech, LLC., our subsidiary in California, U.S.A., as our production base of products, we are able to shorten the transportation time, provide a large number of supplies in a short period of time, and also enjoy the competitive strength of production cost, and ensure rapid supply to satisfy the demand of the target market.

Global Marketing

Global marketing: CH Biotech made arrangements for the Southern and Northern Hemispheres by utilizing out-of-season production and sales characteristics of crops to expand its international market.

The planting period of crops in countries located in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres are contrary to one another. CH Biotech, thus, makes arrangements for the Southern and Northern Hemispheres concurrently, to compensate for the differences between low and peak seasons for the sales of agricultural chemicals and related goods within a single region, and therefore maintain stable sales throughout the year.

Our company has obtained pesticide licenses in the U.S. and Canada (Northern Hemisphere), as well as Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Paraguay, and Uruguay (Southern Hemisphere) for its products successively. We possess comprehensive product information and our integrity is recognized by the regulatory authorities and distributors in different countries, facilitating our international market expansion.