Core Innovative Technology
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Core Technology 3:
Perfect Field Trials

  • A complete field test platform for international target markets to accelerate the acquisition and market promotion of commodity registration certificates

For a developed preparation, before registration and listing, field trials of three major schemes of efficacy orientation, registration orientation and market orientation are required. In addition to complete safety information required for product registration, field trials also provide product application guidelines. The complete efficacy results can improve product competitiveness and serve as an important basis for product pricing.

The large-scale and well-established field trials must be conducted in the target market. The field experiments carried out have undergone multiple considerations, individualized designs, and completed large-scale, multi-point replicated experiments.

Multiple considerations include the test site of the conventional crop program, climatic conditions, soil characteristics, commonly used fertilizer and pesticide brands, suitable crop varieties for cultivation, competitive products, etc. In addition, an exclusive field trial design protocol must be drawn up individually. In order to obtain fully credible test results, the number of replicates of the test must be high and the distribution area of the site must be representative.

CH Biotech goes deep into the planting system in various market areas and establishes a complete field test platform. To systematically obtain the following information for a long time, which can quickly help product evidence collection and promote marketing:

        A. Efficacy item information: Establish efficacy, dosage, and use period, comparison of efficacy with competing products of major brands in the world, product competitiveness, and product pricing.

B.        Registration project information: Product registration information, information on food safety regulations, environmental and ecological safety information.

C. Market-related information: Provide complete security information required for agricultural insurance and distributor product liability insurance.

Taking the field trials of our company’s product Promote and its upgraded version of Promote MAX as an example, from 2016 to 2019, in 17 states including California and Florida in the United States, as well as Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada, there are more than about 50 field trials of environmental, multi-variety, and multi-regional fields, with an average yield increase of 4.9%. The field trials provide information that can help bring products to market, provide more specific evidence of efficacy and provide technical guidance services.