Core Innovative Technology
Think Local Act Global

Core Technology 1:
Precise New
Pharmaceuticals Development

  • Combined with next-generation sequencing genome technology, efficient development of active ingredients and functions of new agricultural biotechnology pharmaceuticals

A. Application of interdisciplinary technology to active ingredient development
Rapid grafting of the latest technologies in the fields of medicine, food and other fields, using the common functional characteristics of organisms, transforms physiological functions into plants, greatly shortening the development time of new components and functions of plants.

B. Utilize next-generation sequencing to construct gene expression big data
Using modern science and technology such as next-generation sequencing of genomics, various parameters such as specific environments and specific chemical substances are analyzed, and genetic big data of crop gene expression changes in various periods are constructed.

C. Predict the efficacy of active ingredients and dosage forms to accurately develop new pharmaceuticals products
Accumulated from the above genomic data, it can be used to design active ingredient combinations (formulations) that can precisely regulate crop growth, and can be used to evaluate the effect of active ingredients and expand new functions.