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2021.01.26 CH Biotech Opens Its Latest Coffee Project, a Conservatory with a Café

The NT$10 million building, which adopts the Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) Coffee Beans Classification system and draws on the company’s first-class coffee labs and R&D center, is the first of its kind in Asia. Doubling as an employee break space complete with its own café, the Landscape Conservatory is a showcase of CH Biotech’s R&D work with coffee.,…


2020.03.26 International Coffee Research Institute to Open – Connecting the supply chain

The International Coffee Research Institute (ICRI), initiated by CH Biotech chairman Chen-pang Wu, was recently given regulatory approval to open. It will become the first non-profit organization in Taiwan to concentrate on coffee research. From seeds to beans to coffee in the cup, various aspects of the supply chain will be covered. Among the coffee enthusiasts that have signed up for membership are several well-known academics…


2019.12.24 CH Biotech and Chi Nan Univ. Sign Industry–Academia Collaboration MOU for Precision Agriculture

Mr. Wu noted that CH Biotech launched the Precision Agriculture Alliance together with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan Fertilizer, Known-You Seed, and Tien Heng Machinery in early November 2019. The alliance has set its sights on the high end of the agriculture market by drawing on each member’s specialties, such as variety selection and breeding, crop growth regulation and nutrition, cultivation management, and greenhouse design and construction. They aim to grow exponentially the value of crops per unit area.,…