Nutrient Efficiency
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NutriSync® 3D is recognized and sold by Loveland Products, Inc..

NUTRISYNC® 3D is a nutrient transport technology which moves key nutrients to where plants need them most. NUTRISYNC® 3D offers grower’s readily plant-available forms of boron and molybdenum in a specific ratio for a strong plant response. Optimized to work with annual and permanent dicot crops such as cotton and legumes, and tree crops like fruits and nuts. It helps plants more efficiently mobilize and utilize applied nutrients as well as those that are already within the plant, enhancing crop growth throughout the season to support your yield and quality goals.


  • Built with Nutrient Transport Technology
  • Ammonia-free for compatibility with the newest over the top chemistry
  • Ultra-low use rates increase compatibility in many tank mixes
  • Better nutrient utilization for improved overall plant health and vigor