2023.11.16 CH Biotech won the silver medal in the 16th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award in 2023

The 16th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) 2023 was held an award ceremony on 16th November 2023, with the purpose of commending Taiwanese companies committed to environmental sustainability, social welfare and corporate governance.


Since its inception, CH Biotech has made great contributions to the development of the agricultural biotechnology industry in Taiwan. With innovative research and development strength, CH Biotech launches products worldwide, meanwhile perfecting corporate social responsibility and achieving corporate governance policy.


Consequently, CH Biotech was honored with the Silver Medal Award in the traditional manufacturing industry category of TCSA in terms of prudential and rigorous manner in ESG Report, successive improvement of data collection and scope, as well as annually increase the quality of various data and information.Recognition from judges, Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TAISE), regarding our efforts on information disclosure with respect to commitment on corporate social responsibility, performances and achievements showed CH Biotech is extremely capable to be awarded, and also proved CH Biotech has made remarkable progress in the corporate sustainable operations.


CH Biotech will endeavor to fulfil corporate vision and move towards actualizing sustainable operations.

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