2023.07.27 CH Biotech Develops Innovative Biotech Product Dedicated to Crop Physiology Improvements for Greater and More Sustainable Food Production to Extreme Weather
Radiate NEXT is the Winner of the "2023 Taiwan Bio Awards – Innovation of the Year"

CH Biotech is the winner of the “2023 Taiwan Bio Awards – Innovation of the Year.” CH Biotech’s President Cho-Chun Huang (right) received the award from the Vice President of the Executive Yuan, Wen-Tsan Cheng (middle). Photo was provided from the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization.



Committed to the development of innovative crop production technology, CH Biotech’s (stock code: 6534) sustainable agrochemical product “Radiate NEXT” has been approved as an innovative product by the Ministry of Economic Affairs according to the “Act for the Development of Biotech and New Pharmaceutical Industry.” The product has also successfully obtained a product registration from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) after rigorous review. In yet another remarkable achievement, it has been honored with the “2023 Taiwan Bio Awards – Innovation of the Year;” on July 27, 2023, CH Biotech is awarding the honor from the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (Taiwan BIO) during the BioAsia Taiwan.


CH Biotech is an agricultural biotech company dedicated to developing innovative crop production technology, which is rare in Taiwan’s agriculture. Through independent and innovative core key technologies, the Company develops high-efficacy, precise, low-carbon plant growth regulators and fertilizer products that meet the demands of modern agriculture and are distributed in the global agricultural market. In recent years, CH Biotech has received numerous awards, showing high recognition from government agencies, professional associations, and other specialized entities.


In the last few years, extreme weather events have intensified. Particularly after June of this year, the global temperature is keeping high, and there are severe floods or extreme phenomena of high temperature and drought in various regions. Additionally, ongoing conflicts in major grain-producing regions like Ukraine have led to reduced food production, resulting in global food crisis. There is an urgent need for agricultural biotech solutions that can fight against adverse climate and increase crop yield.


The range of crops covered by CH Biotech’s product “Radiate NEXT” is quite extensive. Apart from staple food crops like soybean, wheat, and corn, which are cultivated with large area, it also applies to high-value economic crops, such as vegetables, fruit, coffee, and cotton. Furthermore, since the launch of “Radiate NEXT,” the product and the Company have continuously received numerous awards in Taiwan, including the “CTSP Innovative Product Award,” “National Industrial Innovation Award of the Ministry of Economic Affairs,” “TCSA –Growth through Innovation Award,” “Global Views ESG Sustainable Award – Outstanding Project,” and the upcoming “2023 Taiwan Bio Awards – Innovation of the Year.”


As a sustainable product capable of reducing carbon emissions in agriculture, “Radiate NEXT” possesses the ability to promote plant growth and enhance plants’ resilience to environmental stresses. Even in drought conditions, it can maintain adequate moisture levels. In addition, it stimulates various types of enzyme activity of single crops, improves metabolic reactions, and enhances fertilizer utilization efficiency. As a result, it can increase yields while reducing the usage of fertilizer. Through these effects, it contributes to lowering carbon emissions from arable land, thereby facilitating the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions in agriculture.


In 2022, “Radiate NEXT” was listed as a recommended carbon reduction product by distributors, aiming to encourage farmers to adopt measures to reduce fertilizer usage. By using “Radiate NEXT,” not only do farmers reduce the farmland carbon emissions from production and cultivation but also attain higher yield and profits, which further motivate them to use “Radiate NEXT” in their agricultural production.


According to the Chairman of CH Biotech, Cheng-Pang Wu, sustainable agricultural development is crucial for the future of humanity. While wars may come to an end, the impact of extreme climate on the overall food supply long remains as it results in agricultural production loss. Taiwan’s self-sufficiency rate in food production is relatively low, so this crisis deserves our serious attention. Currently, countries around the world are actively seeking solutions. Taking the European Union as an example, its “The European Green Deal” sets the target of reducing pesticide usage by 50% and fertilizer by 20% by 2030. In the future, CH Biotech will collaborate with the industry, government, and academia, collectively developing more sustainable agricultural innovative products. The aim is to mitigate the impact of extreme climate and to achieve the goal of increasing crop yield, further enhancing farmers’ profits, safeguarding the environmental sustainability, and creating a three-way win situation that benefits farmers, businesses, and the environment.






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