2024.01.30 CH Biotech Won the 7th Taiwan Mittelstand Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

CH Biotech Won the 7th Taiwan Mittelstand Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs. CH Biotech’s President Cho-Chun Huang (right) represented the company to receive the award from President Chien-Jen Chen of the Executive Yuan (left).




CH Biotech is an agricultural biotech company dedicated to innovative crop production technology in Taiwan. Through independent and innovative core key technologies, the Company develops high-efficacy, precise, low-carbon plant growth regulators and fertilizer products that meet the demands of modern agriculture and are distributed in the global agricultural market.


CH Biotech has emerged from over 100 companies to win the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ national award, the 7th Taiwan Mittelstand Award. This shows that CH Biotech’s achievements in core key technologies, global market positioning, and operational performance have been highly affirmative by the committee members.


Taiwan Mittelstand Award is a national award bestowed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to praise Taiwanese enterprises that have demonstrated outstanding performance in their respective industries, with a focus on unique and critical technologies, and high international competitiveness. The award aims to serve as a role model for other company in the industry and to promote the growth of Taiwan’s economy.


Only 10 companies were awarded the ” Taiwan Mittelstand Award ” this year. CH Biotech, which was founded just 10 years ago, has been affirmative by its innovative technologies and global market positioning. The award is a significant milestone for CH Biotech. In the future, CH Biotech will continue to pursue its goal of being a “Technology Innovator in Agricultural Products.” The company will recruit professionals from all fields, and collaborate resources from the industry, government, and academia to bring positive impact to Taiwan’s agriculture and contribute to sustainable agriculture around the world.

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