2023.07.20 Prizes for the fourth CH Biotech Innovation Awards amounted to NT$1.52 million, discover the research stories of many students working silently

Winners of the fourth CH Biotech Innovation Award and distinguished guests. CH Biotech Chairman Chen-Pang Wu (top row tenth from left), General Manager Cho-Chun Huang (top row fourth from right), CH Biotech Innovation Award Chairman Jenn-Wen Huang (top row tenth from right), member of the jury and Vice President of National Chung Hsing University Fuh-Jyh Jan (top roe ninth from left), Vice Dean of College of Bioresources and Agriculture of National Taiwan University Je-Ruei Liu (top row seventh from right), Chairperson of Department of Life Sciences Hao-Jen Huang (top row sixth from left, Awards guest and Dean of College of Bioresources and Agriculture of National Taiwan University Huu-Sheng Lur (top row eighth from left), and Program Chairperson of Academy of Circular Economy of National Chung Hsing University Tzu-Pi Huang (top row ninth from right).



Today, CH Biotech (stock code: 6534) hosted the award ceremony for its fourth “CH Biotech Innovation Award” (July 20th). Chairman Chen-Pang Wu mentioned in his speech that “CH Biotech has been doing things to support innovative research and development, especially focusing on global net-zero carbon emissions and circular economy experimental research, as well as its future impact on international development trends.” The jury Chairman Jenn-Wen Huang said, “Adhering to corporate social responsibility, CH Biotech encourages young people in Taiwan to innovate in academic research, and very much agrees and affirms that the chairman provides a huge amount of funds to support Chung Hsing University with education to establish the Academy of Circular Economy and cultivate the vision of high-level R&D talents in agricultural biotechnology in the future”. A total of 25 academic and research institutions and 32 student and faculty groups have submitted applications to compete for the top scholarship award in agriculture and biotechnology. After the written review, applicants who have obtained the qualification for re-examination will be given briefings mainly on the spot. If the applicant raises the fact that they are conducting academic exchanges abroad, the briefing will be allowed in the form of video conference. A total of 19 winners in the basic theory group, applied innovation group and young scholar group of the fourth CH Biotech Innovation Award, with a total scholarship amount of 1.52 million. The award-winning works keep pace with the times, and are the hottest research topics today, including net-zero carbon emissions, AI, circular economy, and microbes for climate resilience.


The award ceremony follows the award-winning speech that was well received last year. Each award winner talked emotionally about the loneliness, day and night, and bitter blood and tears of the researcher. First of all, I must thank the direct blood relatives, relatives and friends who brought up the winners; thank the mentors who are like parents, and share the unexpected stories of stepping into academia to do innovative research, which will make people smile. CH Biotech excerpted and shared innovative research, subverting everyone’s understanding of agriculture and the meaning of affirmation and encouragement: The first one: Grandma said, “You are going to farm in the agronomy department in college. Grandma can teach you! You don’t need to go to college!” The second father said: “Son! Your research is so good that father did not knows about it, only CH Biotech Company knows”; The third advisor said: “Although the epidemic has disrupted the pace of research, it cannot stop the curiosity of laboratory students to discover new things.” Although, each awardee will step into the research life due to fate, which has the meaning of inheriting the past, passing on the torch, and forging the future. There are also moments that allow the participants to connect with each other, empathize with each other and inspire each other. Finally, the young scholar award winner Isheng Jason Tsai, research fellow of Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica. The speech topic on “Understanding, Conservation, and Sustainable Use of Microbial Biodiversity”. The fascinating content of the speaker and the scene of the team going up and down the mountain made the listeners feel as if they had walked into the sampling site of the research, and had a deep understanding of the preciousness and rarity of the research materials and the hard-won data. In view of the rich and unique research results of each award winner, the collection is made into a special volume and shared with every young person who loves agricultural biotechnology research and innovation.


The fourth CH Biotech Innovation Award winners are as follows:











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